It’s 2019 and the time for New Year’s Resolutions.  Personally, I’ve never done a resolution – mostly because I prefer not to set myself up for failure.  This year however, I was talking to someone who read an article about creating weekly goals instead.  This idea is right up my alley and I am feeling quite inspired to take on this challenge. My plan for 2019 is to create 3 goals for the year and then each week I will write down weekly tasks that contribute to my big goals.  I’ll hold myself accountable through this blog and post about my accomplishments, struggles and learnings along the way. So let’s kick this thing off! Personal Goal #1:  Hike Mt. Bachelor My first goal for 2019 is to hike Mt. Bachelor…or is it climb?  My sister and I talked about it last Summer and I’d really like to make it happen so we are one step closer now that it is written down!  My initial plan is to simply commit to regular workouts (which I’m pretty good at already) and to introduce some extra activities on top.  I’ve never really been a hiker so I expect there will be some research I need to do along the way, equipment to purchase and trial runs around Portland I should do. Business Goal #2:  Organize and back-up my photos and videos You would think that this would be nailed down for me since I run a side business that helps others do this!  Well, the reality is I’m pretty far from where I’d like to be.  In 2018 I managed to go back and organize 2004 – 2011 by doing a few months a week.  It was a good strategy and one I need to keep doing.  I hope that by documenting my progress and learnings that you may gain some ideas and inspiration of your own. Home Goal #3:  De-clutter the house Eek!  This is a big, lofty goal and one everyone in the family will have to contribute towards.  I was looking around the house over the Christmas break and the amount of junk we have sitting around is crazy!  Some weeks it will be a bit embarrassing to post a before and after photo and I may end up re-posting the same de-clutter multiple times (like my desk!) but hopefully this will give us (a.k.a. ME!) the discipline we (I) need and it will be a huge accomplishment to look back and see what we did. Oh, and I’m sure this goal and #2 will often overlap as I look at the piles of artwork, school/sports photos and report cards I need to scan and organize. Bonus Goal:  Make a Family cookbook I have had this idea for a while now and it’s time to make it a reality!  My goal here is to not just collect all our recipes and put it into a book.  I want to collect the stories and memories that tie to the recipe and then make and photograph it so one day I can hand it to my kids.  It’s a bonus goal because I don’t expect to make progress on this weekly but I sure would sure like to do it monthly! So how does all this relate to Digital Creations?  A lot of what I have showcased in the past has been about creating a story through albums and videos.  The story that often doesn’t get told is what goes into getting the story ready for production.  That is where the real work happens.  I hope that through reading this blog each week (or every 2 weeks; we’ll see!), you will be inspired to de-clutter your old photos and keepsakes while taking steps to preserve your family history. So there you have it, let’s call it 4 goals.   Achievable, scary and exciting. Here we go!