Well here we are, one week into my first-ever New Year’s Resolutions. This week was challenging with work and kids activities but I focused my “resolution time” to plan out a few things and create some small, weekly goals that I can start to march towards. Business Goal:  Organize & back-up my photos and videos My photos are everywhere…I mean EVERYWHERE!  I have several hard drives, thumb drives and photo boxes full.  My hard drives have been somewhat organized by year/month but not all have a name and it’s certainly not easy to find anything I need.  Along the way, I’ve also created other folders…some random, some duplicates and some have no purpose at all. I mentioned last week that I have managed to organize my folders from 2004 to 2009 (and 2018).  As I’ve been organizing, I’ve also been naming the files and applying a tagging system so that I can easily find the photos/videos I want.  I will post about my system in the next few weeks because it’s been working great so far! This week I created a goal to have my 2010 to 2017 folders organized by the middle of May.  That is 96 months of photos and about 18 weeks to accomplish it in.  Based off that, I need to organize a minimum of about 5 months a week. Goal #1 set.  The second half of the year is going to be going into all those other random folders and boxes to see where they fit into my new, nicely organized files. 20190113_Week_1_Posts_6 Goal for next week:
  • Complete folders – March 2010 – July 2010
Home Goal:  De-clutter the house My desk <insert scary face>.  Most of the time, I cannot see my desk.  It’s not that I don’t know where things are but it is usually covered in random papers, mail my husband has left for me, notebooks, hard drives…you name it.  I work better in spurts of deep cleaning rather than cleaning all the time.  I’ve managed to pass this gene onto my daughter (I’m sorry Savannah, I’m sorry future husband). Anyway, this week I did clean off my desk (did you know it’s National Clean Your Desk Day tomorrow?) and I purchased a few new baskets that I put into the wall.  I plan to use them for all my random papers and organize it once a week.  I also came up with a list of de-cluttering areas in the house and I separated them out into two columns:
  1. One-and-Done:  these are de-cluttering/organizing that I can get done all at once
  2. Easy-Does-It:  these are de-cluttering/organizing that I need to do a little at a time
Each week, I will pick one of each to complete.  Goal #2 set. Goals for next week:
  • Scan 5 items from my “Kids Stuff to Organize” pile (easy-does-it)
  • Organize and get rid of shoes (one-and-done)
Personal Goal:  Hike Mt. Bachelor This week I had a new mindset at the gym, a renewed purpose that I had been lacking.  I mentally challenged myself to leave nothing on the treadmill or row.  It looks like it worked.  For the month of December I averaged 18.5 Orange Theory splat points each session.  This week I averaged 26 splat points.  The minimum you want to aim for in class are 12  so I’d say 26 is pretty good, I’m not sure I can maintain that but I’m going to target at least 20 a class. This week I also scheduled the WHEN we’ll hike – late August, the week of 8/19. Goal #3 set. Goals for next week:
  • Complete 4 workouts at a minimum of 20 splat points each
  • Begin push-up and squat training plan
  • Go for one long walk
Bonus Goal:  Make a family cookbook No progress here this week but I did see my family and reminded them I want to do this!  I received some great information from my Uncle that I need to read through. Goals for next week:
  • Read through my Uncle’s email
  • Scan 5 recipe cards
I guess that wasn’t so bad.  One week down…only 50 to go!